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Velocity 2x – Soundtrack

velocity 2x soundtrackVelocity 2x is a fast-paced scrolling shoot ‘em up by FuturLab with an equally fast-paced soundtrack.  According to the composers, Joris de Man and James Marsden, the idea for the  music is based on a tune they created prior to the game’s existence.  The racing techno beats really do make you feel like you’ve just stepped into a futuristic flying war machine.  The orchestral sound from the Killzone series that Joris de Man is better known for is replaced by an equally entertaining style of synth music.




Fract – A musical exploration game

fractFract is a musical exploration game developed by Phosfiend Systems, with music by Mogi Grumbles.  The game is set in a world based around synthesised techno music that evolves as players unlock new sounds by exploring and solving puzzles.  Mogi Grumbles has provided a strange and somewhat elusive musical experience that is forever building towards climax.  The music can sound jumbled and confusing at times but the game tends to find a funky rhythm when drums are finally added to the mix.  Prepare to get lost inside a giant synthesiser as Fract delivers a unique game idea based solely around original music.