Far-Cry-4x3Ubisoft understands the importance of a good soundtrack, and have made an example of this for part 4 of the Far Cry series.  Farcry 4 owes much of its audio prominence to composer and former Red Hot Chili Peppers member Cliff Martinez who had an integral role in the composition of the OST.

The characteristic tribal feel of the Farcry series returns in Far Cry 4 with the addition of traditional Asian instrumentation including the Himalayan tabla, Tibetan singing bowls, bells and flutes. Anyone who has played Naughty Dog’s, Uncharted 3 will hear distinct similarities between the two soundtracks coupled with a near identical Himalayan setting. As it is not his first involvement with game audio composition, Martinez appears to be making great impressions in the gaming world and may have more to offer as of yet.