driveclubDriveclub is the Ps4 exclusive driving game developed by Evolution Studios for 2014.  Audio Manager Alan McDermott talks about how they are trying to create the most realistic sounding race game ever when he told, “We used upwards of 16 mics in each car, and in some cases a lot more – 26, even 27 in one of them.”  McDermott also spoke passionately about the importance of audio in the game, “It’s what makes you feel connected to the road.  Coupled with the physics and the handling, I’d say the audio is one the most important aspects of the experience. If the audio sounds wrong it breaks the entire experience. The whole connected experience goes right through from physics to audio.”

The soundtrack is composed by the Welsh electronic music group, Hybrid.  The music is high energy electronic, trip hop and break beat.  It’s the kind of music you might imagine yourself listening to as you are changing gears in a Ferrari 458 Italia, speeding though a picturesque European countryside.

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