destinyDestiny’ is a science-fiction role-playing first-person shooter developed by Bungie. The soundtrack is composed by Martin O’Donnell, with contributions from Michael Salvatori and former Beatles member Paul McCartney. The soundtrack includes a 106 piece orchestra recorded at Abbey Road Studios, where the Beatles recorded their hit album of the same name. Following on from his work with the much loved ‘Halo’ soundtrack, Martin O’Donnell has created a mythical and triumphant sound that should be able to keep up with Destiny’s fast paced, exciting gameplay.

In April 2014, Martin O’Donnell was fired from his role as Audio Director at Bungie.  In June, he filed a lawsuit against Bungie president Harold Ryan, claiming he was terminated “without cause”.  Bungie says that O’Donnell’s music will remain in the game.

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