Broken_ageFrom its humble beginnings as a crowd-funded project on Kickstarter, Broken Age has soared far beyond the heights of what anyone could have predicted or even imagined. Take, for example, this neat little fact: initially, the funding goal for the game was $400,000 but within a month the donations from backers had not only reached that but had easily surpassed it. The final total? Over $3.45 million. The big question is, do the 87,000+ people who backed the game feel their money was well-spent?

From a sound point of view, there is little that can be criticised about the game. Between its star-studded voiceover cast and its show-stopping soundtrack, there’s no doubt that the first act of Broken Age, released in 2014, has some of the most incredible sound work of any recent video game release.

The voiceover cast list reads like a roll call of some of the most talented and interesting individuals in the entertainment industry – from Hollywood actors Jack Black and Elijah Wood to legend of nerds Will Wheaton and even the creator of television’s Adventure Time, Pendleton Ward. Not to be forgotten are talented video game voiceover veterans Masasa Moyo and Jennifer Hale.

When it comes to the soundtrack, the professional and polished quality of the work is immediately clear. One would expect nothing less of the composer at the helm, Peter McConnell, who since the 1990s has composed for nearly 50 video games, including the likes of Grim Fandango, Escape From Monkey Island, and a plethora of Star Wars titles. Here, he has delivered a soundtrack that feels nothing short of grand and cinematic. This larger-than-life sound is in no small part due to the live performance given by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

As you progress through the game, it’s impossible not to become completely wrapped up in the atmosphere of the world created by the team behind Broken Age. From a sound perspective, the work done on this game is truly close to perfection.